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We see you sis. Freaky, right? It’s like we know you. Because, actually, we WERE you.

We’ve swiped our hearts out left and right. We’ve ghosted the good ones and stalked the bad ones.

We’ve stayed around way too long for the good D, cross checked who they are following on IG to see if there’s a consistent like for like going on, looked through their shit while they’re in the shower, checked their distance in location on Bumble, broke up, went back to them a million times, joined dating sites while still in the relationship to make him jealous…. I mean you name it, we’ve done it. 

Here’s the deal babe.

We know just how effed up this whole thing is. We know it’s exhausting. We know you’re fed up. And we KNOW you have the best intentions and heart, but you can’t keep doing this insanity and actually expect something different to happen. You’re stuck. Like Erkle. You’ve fallen and you can’t get back up. 

Never fear, Kindra and Jasper are here and we’ve hung up our party heels spend the next eight weeks teaching you how to get your shit together when it comes to your love life. You’re going to learn things about yourself that even your mama doesn’t know.

You’re going to have bigger breakthroughs than Britney did in 2007.

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Spoiler alert: our favorite thing to talk about is men. 

We know that may sound crazy for a couple of 30 somethings, but after years of working with thousands of women, we have seen a lot of women not be honest with themselves about what they want. Then feel crazy, greedy, wrong and selfish for wanting what they want.

We know a lot of women who play small, shrink, hide, doubt themselves, cap themselves, and sabotage themselves around their love and relationship potential. 

We won't stand for it any longer.

 We didn't grow up in healthy families. We didn't always believe that love and vulnerability would become something that was a consistent, fun and reliable part of our life.

 We’ve dated the dead-end dudes. We’ve been the terrible girlfriends. We’ve cheated in our avoidance of initiating heartfelt and healthy conversations.  We have hurt ourselves and others, countless times, trying to stick things out when they clearly were a terrible fit. 

We’ve been heartbroken. We’ve felt despair. We’ve felt stuck and unable to get out. We’ve felt constricted. We have felt boxed in.

 We felt like the odds weren't in our favor.

(And we understand a lot of people, had it a lot worse than us. But, these are our stories.)

We changed the role love plays in our lives.

We created new belief systems around rejection.

We began to understand the purpose of honest communication.

We taught ourselves to stop sabotaging our growth and to create an energetic relationship with our intuition to attract the dates we want and co-creating our dreams.

We learned to stop pushing away love when it came from men that wasn’t our “type”. We’ve spent the time since increasing our understanding of the vibrations of our own worth, integrity, and desire.

 Now, we don't do things half ass. We've chosen (basically as a result of our incredibly stubborn will and continual decision to believe in that there are plenty of good men looking for good women and ditching this mindset that men are trash) to combine our colorful pasts and to teach women all over how to stop fucking it up. 

Here is what we are a genius at:

Being an energetic match for incredible dates. Holding an incredibly high frequency around honoring our intuition. Deciding we are worthy of more. Calling in our desires. Expecting massive amounts of love to flow in.

Teaching others to do the same.

We are not just good at it; We believe it's why we are alive.

It's never just about relationships.

It's about freedom. It's about opportunity. It's about a decision to see things different, overcome the odds, and change how things work for you.

It's about not having to say no to your desires, because of your past relationships any longer.

Whether you come from a loving past, or like us don't come from healthy love at all...

... you can change your mind, you can rearrange your energy, you can set new patterns for how dating works for you.

If you are preoccupied, worried, frantic, freaked out or fearful about dating...

... it's time you become Fuckboy Repellent.

Together we going to Cover:

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How it works: 

Every week you will receive a new toolkit of transformative resources. You will be apart of a poppin’ yet intimate online community and receive group coaching from Kindra and Jasper.

This course is held completely online! 

The eight teaching modules have been recorded for you. 

You have completely unlimited replays. 

You will receive access to the private 2019 Facebook group upon enrolling. 

Receive Access to Module One Beginning August 26th. 

You will be given access to Module Two, 7 days later. 

Module Three will be opened to you 7 days after that. Etc.

You'll have all course content and future updates forever. 

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Come ditch shitty dating goodbye for good.