Renegade Heart

Can't buy my love

I was told recently by a man that I "think too much" and to "stop thinking so much!"

You may be able to quiet my opinion, but you can not sabotage my thoughts.

The heart of a man is revealed in how he manages himself in regards to an evolved woman. It takes self awareness and much bravery to accept the divine feminine in her full form. A man who knows himself well is a man who can admit his downfalls and speak confidently in his victories. I admire the man who puts his values before his reputation. Who realizes that living out his values is ultimately what constructs his reputation.

It seems that we're stuck in a generation where money and gifting is expected to capture our hearts when underneath it all we truly seek deep connection.

I grew up poor. Dirt poor. Mom married into money when I was 11 and we experienced material wealth. The memories that are burned into my soul are those of our struggles and the turn arounds we triumphed in my early years. The Porsche rides to school, family trips to Lake George, and extravagant shopping spree memories of my teens are fleeting and meaningless.

I've lived both lives, which has thankfully caused me to THINK.

I'll take your heart and your hand before I'll take a plane ticket to Paris.

I don't care to know the digits in your bank account, I want to know the story that pushed you to strive for those numbers. I don't need a diamond, a house, or a vacation to validate your love for me. I want your eye contact, your admiration and your truth.

I will always choose the man who craves my thoughts over the man who tries to diminish them.

This renegade heart is not for sale.

Kindra MurphyComment