Lovely Guidelines

We all want True Love don't we?? I sure know I do.  Here are my 10 guidelines for calling in the right partner.  I've learned many love lessons over the years, but my most treasured one is LOVE YOURSELF.  When you alter your relationship with yourself, your external world will alter accordingly.  Patiently preparing myself for real love has been such an eyeopening and humbling experience.  Join me on this journey to finding true love.

1. There's no right or wrong person for you.  You have attracted into your life exactly who you need to grow into your better best.

2.  Someone could seem like the right fit, look perfect on paper, but feel wrong.  Follow your gut. Your feelings are there to guide you towards or away from people who will be the most suitable partner to learn lessons with in life.  Our intuition is probably our most overlooked and undervalued tool that we possess in life.  Cherish it.

3. Leave the past where it belongs=in the past.  There is meaning behind separation, accept it and move on towards a fresh, new, and exciting relationship.  Whenever the past calls, they usually have nothing new to say.  Most of the time moving on is meant to be.

4. You will not find true love unless you are absolutely positive that it is possible for you.  What can't come through you can't come to you.  If you want to attract a partner of true love into your life then you must feel love, believe that it is possible for you, and claim it as your own.  Wave goodbye to desperation.  The feeling of desperation is really a panicked response to an inner belief that you will not get what you want.

5. The only rule I follow is there are no rules.  Stop over analyzing.  Make the call. Text back right away.  Be vulnerable and authentic.  That's what is attractive.

6.  Be with someone who cherishes the shit out of you.  Someone who looks at you like you are magic.  Don't settle for less.  When I am out on a date and a man asks me what I'm looking for my answer is always, "I want to be cherished."

7.  Intimacy starts with the mouth.  If you can not clearly communicate with someone why would you want to have sex with them?  Talk before touch.  Friendship is the root, sex is the bloom.  Now now, there's nothing wrong with getting a little nookie, but if you're seeking a divine love relationship, form a deep emotional connection before you get in the sack.  Make sure the line of communication is almost as if it's not the product of intentional efforts, but rather of a divine grace.  This certainly could be established on the first date.  Remember, no rules!

8. Following communication, make sure you laugh together.  I want to be laughing at least 65% of the time I'm with my lover.  Life can bring such despair.  Make sure you choose someone who can cheer you up when you're down.  And let's be honest.  A good sense of humor is sexy.  #truth

9.  Do not settle in the bedroom.  Only settle for "oh my god I can't effing believe it" orgasms.  Sex keeps a relationship alive, make sure you can't keep your hands off of each other so neither of you drop dead.

10.  Be vulnerable.  Let's face it, in a loving relationship it is required that we give up a certain degree of autonomy and allow ourselves to become unguarded and accessible.  Love is about coming to rely not only on an exchange of efforts and energy, but to depend on it for our health and well being.  Choose someone who not only takes your needs into consideration, but holds them at a high regard.