Reality Check


He saw me.

He never had much to say, but he didn't need to.

It was in the way he reached under the table and grabbed my knees with that big goofy genuine grin of admiration plastered on his face.

The way he gazed at me like I was the only woman he ever wanted to know.

It was the way his body melted into mine that made me safely lose myself in the most tenderly passionate way ever.

I had finally encountered a man who made my heart race instead of my mind.

The most valuable gift he gave me is he forced me to see myself more clearly. Through his eyes I found clarity within. Our separate and individual dreams did not align, because I, I didn't have any. Not one.

He is building his dream home, in his dream location, with his own two dreamy hands.

In witnessing the tangible action he takes to build his dream life with his bare hands I realized I hadn't even considered what my dreams were inside my own dense mind.

I was a floater. I had been floating in and out of other people's intended realities.

Thank you for the insight babe.

The only thing I'll ever consider floating in again is your ecstasy.


Kindra MurphyComment