Your Story Matters

My Story

My name is Kindra Lee Murphy. I am the founder of the Brave Babes Movement.

I was dropped on my heart several times as a child, left with trust issues and a habitual cycle of avoidance in many areas of my adult life. I am on an ever-loving transformative healing journey. 

I am strong, but tender.

I am a big sister. It is my most treasured role thus far. Family comes first.

I am an ever evolving warrior princess on a mission to heal myself and those around me.

I am a writer. I crush with consciousness and titillate with truth.

In revealing my secrets and being unapologetically vulnerable I have found I can learn to love again.

One particular memory of my childhood that I have had a hard time facing is I was sexually abused by a trusted babysitter at age 10. She manipulated me into thinking we had a special bond, told me my Mother did not love me, and brainwashed me with drugs and alcohol. Over several months she inappropriately carried on a physical and emotional relationship with me.

I mustered up the courage to testify against her in court which is still one of the most terrifying acts I've ever braved. She served eight years in prison.

I forgive her. Truly. She was hurting.

Hurt people hurt people. Which is the exact reason I created the BB Movement. I want to help you move through the hurt, realize your strength, and find your bliss. When we hold in our pain it causes us blockages and we unknowingly or knowingly hurt the people around us. 

This is a fact of my life. It happened. It's there. It will always be there. I'm unsure if this heartache will ever fully leave my body, but I have learned how to manage it by exposing myself. I finally feel free to be me. Fully. I am not a victim of my past but the equivalent to it. This chapter of my story shaped and molded me, but it does not define me.

I didn't always have the courage, but I have always had the burning desire to share my story. Now I see why. I need to, to heal, to know I'm not alone and to show you that you aren't either.

I found the courage. I hope you will too. For yourself and for every babe.

We will make the world a better place through this supportive community. One Brave Babe at a time. Yes, the world. Mark my words.

I am Kindra and

I love and accept myself.


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