A stupid is a stupid does.

I didn't receive a formal college education. There were multiple circumstances that restrained me from crossing this valuable milestone, but ultimately it came down to my desire.

I could never differentiate whether I had a desire for the actual knowledge that college provides or if I simply had a need to be accepted by society's terms.

Approval is a sneaky turd. We persistently seek it. We push and pull ourselves through the opinions and beliefs of others. Constantly.

I have unrightfully pushed men away because they were more educated than I, afraid they may bore in my conversations.

I have awkwardly pulled myself out of social settings where I felt my contribution would not be good enough.

I have compared myself to others and damned myself dumb because I never graced a grad's cap.

A degree does not define me. I've thrown the cards I've been dealt back down onto the table. No more poker face. I am not a scholar. I'm a storyteller of truth.

The gold that burns through my heart is my dorm room. The wisdom buried in my bones is my sorority. The experience written in my journal is my dissertation.

The only major that I study for is mindfulness. The only degree I commit to is the degree in which by sharing my story I may impact yours.

A stupid is, but a stupid no longer does.

Not here. Not inside of me.



Kindra MurphyComment