Lisa Bronson

The first Babe to Brave her soul bare is Lisa

Name: Lisa
Age: 30
Status: single

As I stated above; I am a 30 year old, single mother, wait for it... still living with her parents. To add to this attractive resume, I just quit my job with zero prospects. What sparked this spontaneous action was the loss of one of my childhood friends recently. Life is too fucking short to be unhappy in any part of your life. So I said "fuck it, I quit!"

I am starting school AGAIN, for the career I was meant for but ignored for 4 years because I didn't think I was capable of handling all the work that is required of me. That is the best thing that motherhood has taught me; I am a hell of a lot fucking stronger than I ever gave myself credit for. My daughter is my greatest motivator, and my mission is to make her proud. It is my moral obligation to set a good example, so I must lead by it.

My daughter and I are very blessed to have my parents. They are my biggest supporters and literally give us a roof over our heads. But under that roof we are dealing and coping with the fact that my mother is suffering from a neurological disorder that is progressive. Which is scary, sad, frustrating; you name it, all the feels. Watching a woman I've always known to be strong and independent slowly disintegrate right before my eyes, leaves me the most helpless I've ever felt.

With all these things, I am still moving forward. I am bound to slip, cry, whine and "woe is me". But I will still push through.

I am Lisa, I am a Brave Babe

I love and accept myself

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