Melissa Marie

I'm 28 years years old. I go by Melissa, Mel, or Melly. I have a beautiful black lab named Onyx.

When I was 16 years old, my father gave me a promise ring. It was a symbol of a promise to save myself until marriage. To only give myself to the man I would love forever. As a young girl I modeled. For years, beauty was important in my household and in my life.

Men flocked to it. Abused it. Verbally, mentally and emotionally, and even physically. They molested it and ruined it.

I stopped wearing my ring seven years ago because I was date raped and had my innocence stolen from me. I remember every second of the 14 minutes it took. The smell of the room and the blood covered sheets. I remember crawling to the bathroom and being told I was getting blood everywhere. I felt so bad that when he told me about the blood he said I owed him money for ruining the sheets. I paid him.

I used to be angry. Scared of the world. Too many men, women, and children get raped and molested every year. If my story can shed some light on how to survive this disgusting and horrible act then you may I have it. I'll share it. It's yours. One Halloween night seven years ago, my life was shifted down a different road. I forgive him. I forgive me. Without that night, I wouldn't be who I am. Strength and courage are inside all of us. We only need to nurture and feed it, and become who we know you can be.

I am Melissa, I love and accept myself. 

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