Jessica Andrade Silva

Brave Babe Jessica shared her story on her own account! She was the first BB to do so. It was so friggin awesome!

'I am a Brave Babe.

Three years ago my husband and I decided that we had had enough of Orange County or perhaps Orange County had had enough of us.

We moved to the central coast of CA and quickly fell in love with the place we now call home and with each other all over again. But I'll start from the beginning ... Love was hard for me. As they say, if you do not love yourself, how the hell are you going to love anyone else? And this is true. It just took me some time to figure it out. My insecurities while growing up got the best of me and though I would put on a brave face, insecurities are still pretty loud. I didn't grow up as the pretty girl, and it seemed everyone around me had the good gene except for me. All of my cousins were gorgeous, and full of femininity and I was just awkward with long limbs and an awkward personality.

As time went on things fell into place, but I still felt like that awkward girl who had never valued herself. So that's the way I began to see myself, with no value. I often pushed people away and removed myself from any situation where I might succeed as a punishment to myself for the twisted misconception that I didn't deserve it. I was in a series of relationships I was either loved me or hated and even I could not decide which way I felt about myself.
Finally I had had enough. I decided that if I was truly going to find real love I had to begin with me. I learned to find the best in me, to give to others and to admit that my flaws make me human. I had to embrace the parts of me that I hated and had to give myself credit for all that I had accomplished.

I traveled! I traveled as much as I could. And I listened , to others and to myself. I quickly learned that I could love someone for I had found a reason to love myself. My husband, though I'd like to think he did, did not save me, but instead was the prize that I got for finding myself. What a prize he is ... And together we have made a family ...a family full of flaws... Oh yes ... Oh yes indeed.

I am Jessica,  I am a brave babe.

I love and accept myself."

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