Kari Miller

When I was about 6 years old, I experienced sexual abuse from both my uncle and one of my brothers. The incidents were never violent or physically aggressive, but I was put into situations where I felt I had no voice. For most of my 20 years since then, I was almost always uncomfortable around men. I rarely felt valuable unless I gave them sexual pleasure, sacrificing my own needs and trust in the process.

After a great amount of sexual promiscuity, a lack of trust in others, and no feelings of inherent self value, I graduated college dealing with depression and lack of gust for life. 

The tables began to turn as fate sent me to Costa Rica a year and a half ago. Here, I have begun to search deeply and heal from the inside out. Learning yoga, self care, the benefits of good nutrition, the power of thought, connecting with my inner voice, and my right to say "No!" 

There is a great power in connecting and feeling Mother Nature. She guides me everyday and shows the great energy I have within. Now it's time to rise. To believe in my own strength, not just for me, but for other girls, other women, for humanity. To come together, share in peace, love ourselves,  and love the world.

May we all use our pain to direct us inwards, to find the place of divinity that speaks great truth. Be brave.

I am Kari, a Brave Babe,

I love an accept myself. 

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