Dawn Batson


I know a thing or two
About the colors that you use-
You cover walls with rainbows
And no one speaks about abuse.

I know about gray areas
stretching out so wide, 
And then all of a sudden
You’re on the other side.

And on the Other Side
Everything is black and white
And it’s hard to make excuses there
Where things are clearly wrong or right. 
And that was just the journey
we took that nice Fall night
it started off so colorful
So playful and so bright.

And then before I knew it
Things started to get upsetting
I kept asking you not to touch me
and you just kept on forgetting.▫️

And then we dropped off sharply
into the land where it’s all clear
Cause I said No and I said STOP
loud enough for you to hear.

And I wish I could make excuses
For the way that night went
But if my face was in the pillow
then how could I consent? 
And then I started hearing stories
And I knew I’m not alone
And now when I walk by all your colors
They chill me to the bone.

Kindra MurphyComment