Naudea Mojica

When I was six years old, a man who my family thought was supposed to be loving and caring, molested me. What happened to me was called Gross Sexual Imposition. It happened so long ago, that I don't remember everything, but I do remember enough to know that I was so terrified of men and male teachers. I was so quiet around them. They made me squirm. I remember going to therapy and playing with a dollhouse, and the little red and blue boxing men. It was so fun there. Ever since the incident, I've always been scared of men. I was even scared of my own stepfather. Because of what happened, I had a lot of issues with my body and my mind. I was always thinking about how no one will ever love me because of what he did to me. I felt unloved, I felt alone. As I grew up, I noticed that I have so much more to live for. My life might not have been sunshine and flowers every single day, but I know that I'm not ready to quit. I wasn't old enough, or strong enough to stop what happened to me. Some other girls weren't either, but I know that now I can help other girls understand that they aren't alone. That they can feel safe to tell someone.

I am Naudea,

a Brave Babe and

I love and accept myself.

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