Anna Werrun

My name is Anna Werrun, I am on Instagram @annaweds. I live with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, And Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. Each of these syndromes give me various symptoms, and complications. For the purpose of sharing my story, I would have preferred to share the more positive aspects that have come out of my illness, rather than the negative. 

I am a blogger, a YouTuber, and an artist. Recently I created an awareness comic for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, “Zingy wants to tell you about EDS and so much more.” You can find it on my art blog site here

I take each day as it comes, I focus on what I can do today in this moment. When the stresses of life seem to swirl around, I do my best to not get down. I don’t want to get swept away in the currents of depression, so to stay afloat I do my best to take the day by hour or by minute if I need to. I find one thing in every day to look forward to; to watch a silly movie, chat with a friend, or just self-care. 

Talking about our hardships with a counselor or loved one is important to help us cope. Letting ourselves grieve the loss illness brings along our journey is important. Allow yourself to grieve. 

Support in the community is an important aspect for our survival. We aren’t alone in our struggle and I’m always happy to chat with others. I love to hear the journey others have been on. Being diagnosed with anything can be overwhelming, it can be dizzying and disorienting. Please know your diagnosis isn’t the end. It can be so hard when you are first diagnosed. I would encourage you to reach out to support groups and talk with your loved ones. We are all just looking for a little love, understanding, friendship, and support.

I am a woman, a fighter, and I am not a quitter. I will hold my head high even if it is braced snuggly in my vista color. I will not let illnesses rule me. Illness has changed what I can do, but has molded into a new person. I am more understanding of others with chronic and complex illness. 

If I can say anything to people living with complex chronic illness it is this: “you are truly not alone. Living with an illness is not easy, but sharing your journey with others can help to ease its burden. Be strong and always true to who you are. Never give up on yourself.”

May your eyes see the good in the world, May your ears hear positive words from others, may you smell life’s wonderful aromas, may your tongue be a weapon of encouragement. 

Always remember when you feel overwhelmed to close your eyes and smile for a while. Think of life and those blessings that are all around. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Now that you’re grounded open your eyes to your day that is filled with endless possibilities. You can do this. You are a warrior.

I remain hopeful always.

I am Anna, a Brave Babe!

I love and accept myself.

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