Grace Miller

Leading with an introduction that highlights everything that’s “wrong” about me, or with statements that would label me as being “disabled” frightens me. By saying those things I’m not being honest, and I’m all about honesty.

Instead I’m going to introduce myself with this:

Hello all, my name is Grace Miller and I love all things country!! If I’m not at a Dan + Shay concert, I am with my horses or at the very least listening to country music.

On the back-burner from all things country:

I am always learning how to cope with an anxiety and sensory processing disorder.

Since May of 2015 I’ve been regaining strength on my left side through physical therapy.

And I like to brag and say that I’m part robot due to the fact that I must wear an insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor to be in control of Type 1 Diabetes.

It wasn’t until very recently when I became familiar with Brave Babes Movement. I feel honored to tell a bit about myself here, and hopefully by doing so will help to inspire others. I love this Movement's mission!!!

Like the founder of Brave Babes - Kindra, I am a writer. Condensing major parts of my life into shorter paragraphs will be a challenge but I’m ready to embrace it!

I’d have to say the most pivotal year of my life is 2013. That was the most challenging yet rewarding year; that summer I admitted myself into an in-patient mental health treatment facility for severe anxiety. A few years prior, life as I once knew changed all too fast. Changes in my immediate family and my own health are the two biggest points that stand out. June of 2013 I voluntarily signed myself into an in-patient treatment facility to learn healthier coping skills to deal with major life changes.

In the beginning I was reluctant to treatment, although looking back on it I realize that this place equipped me with the skills to understand, accept and cope with the events that had happened years before. It has allowed me to experience some of the most surreal things, such as meeting Dan + Shay numerous times!! Before admitting myself into treatment, I learned a valuable lesson from my favorite high school teacher: he taught me to never give up even when things seemed impossible. Going into treatment I carried with me a lot of anger, and guilt about the changes in my life. Overcoming that anger and learning acceptance was a difficult task but I did it anyway - in spite of wanting to give up - and had never felt more rewarded until then.

Another year that stands out is 2015. That year I sprained my knee badly. Due to anxiety, I ended up wearing a knee brace for longer than necessary, which resulted in secondary injuries and residual weakness; the injury occurred in February 2015 and I didn’t begin physical therapy until the end of May 2015 - four weeks before leaving for London. Given only four weeks for therapy, my strength hadn’t returned back to normal before my departure for Europe. As a result, I began to develop various musculoskeletal issues. Just this past October of 2016 I began experiencing bouts of numbness accompanied with weakness to my left side, without any knowledge as to why.

Like I mentioned before, I could be mad all I want at the world in regards to being in physical therapy on and off for the past two years, or I could remind myself that the reward will be that I’ll soon be able to walk without favoring my left side and experiencing numbness. It is until after every struggle there is a reward far greater than imagined, right? For instance, I’ve been able to meet some amazing people like my therapists wife and Samantha Burns. I am also able to laugh at myself because I will choose horseback riding ANYDAY over completing home exercises, especially after two doctors have instructed me NOT to ride.

My journey is nowhere near complete, but I’m determined to keep overcoming any and ALL obstacles life throws my way in a positive way!!

I am Grace Miller, a Brave Babe.

I love and accept myself.

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