Kyla Sokoll-Ward

I want to share my story, because I know how many women relate to it. I struggled for years with disordered eating and warped body image; orthorexia, binge eating, emotional eating, food restriction, over-exercising, and pinching at my love handles were my specialties.

I was restricting what I was "allowed" to eat so much that my binge eating was happening nightly. It was crazy painful. The physical pain that came with binges plus the shame of what I was felt unbearable.

Finally, after hitting a breaking point, I realized that I was turning to food for comfort. I needed comfort because I thought that there was something inherently wrong with me. I thought I was broken, a problem to be fixed. I had no light, and so I tried controlling my body in order to feel worthy in this world.

On the outside, I had the "perfect" lean body and the "healthy" vegan diet to match, but on the inside I was desperately seeking value, purpose, and joy.

I hired a coach of my own at that point, and she helped me bring light into my life, embrace my body's natural shape, and find my spark in a world that's always trying to dull a woman's shine.

These days, I'm a food & body love coach. I coach women to free themselves from food rules, embrace their bodies, and fall in love with themselves. I am so deeply passionate about my work, because I know that nearly 100% of women are struggling at least a little bit with this...and that's just bullshit. With all of the strong, courageous, gorgeous, and intelligent women on the Earth, there's no reason for us to feel like we're not good enough just because of cellulite.

I am Kyla,
I love and accept myself.

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