"My hope is to inspire you to look within so you never feel without"

-Kindra Murphy

 the Babe behind the Movement


Hi, I'm Kindra. 

In 2014 I created a basic Wordpress account that would forever change my life.

I've always been a shameless gal. Sensitive. Vulnerable. Raw. So I did what I do. The empty screen before me quickly became a sacred space where I'd pour my painful thoughts out and unapologetically click "publish." (eeeek)

I was a flight attendant at the time, frequenting new and exciting cities, yet found my writing always leading me back to my past. I had even spent more than a month in Koh Phangan, Thailand studying and mastering yoga, but rarely wrote of my experience or the craft. I wanted desperately to inspire others, but rarely felt inspired myself. My life was pretty great, but my heart and mind were constantly somewhere else.

Two years later, an anonymous reader critiqued my writing in it's entirety. This reader's perspective of my inner world felt harsh and cruel. Judgments were being placed on myself and the role I play in romantic relationships. I had never thought too deeply into how readers perceived me, but this particular "Comment" hit my heart like a hurricane and made me question my motives entirely. I read it over and over and over again; finding myself in a deeper state of shock each time.  Was I telling the right stories?

I had to defend myself and my words to this reader. I wrote a retaliation blog post titled "Hate Mail." Although I was angry while writing it, I realized later that my defenses were slowly disintegrating with each secret I typed. The first being my trust issues... "I struggle in always trusting my gut because I was manipulated into love as a child and taken advantage of emotionally, sexually, and physically. As an adult safety is important to me because it's absence in my childhood will forever be my greatest heartache." I didn't realize it during the process, but I was accepting my past by telling my story to this reader and now my audience. 

I was healing. 

People began responding to my revealed secrets writing me, "Me too. Me too. Me too." Annnnnd so, the Brave Babes Movement  was founded. By vulnerably sharing my hurtful past through writing I became empowered and my readers became inspired. Turns out there's plenty of yogi's spittin' Rumi quotes all over the interwebs and not so many people baring their own souls for public viewing.

This Community and the relationships created have helped me find radical self acceptance and learn to truly live life in the moment. Each day I choose to melt away my defenses and soften up to the world, but most importantly to myself. Self Compassion has been a huge lesson throughout this process. By being vulnerable, I also realized I was not alone in my suffering. You don't have to be either. I've connected with and have even met fellow Brave Babes all over the U.S. and beyond. Our stories do not define us, but they do matter.  I am so grateful they connect us.

Our #BBMCommunity is rapidly growing here and via Instagram where people share, connect and unite on their healing journey. I run a private Facebook Support Group which brings daily inspiration and raw, authentic connection.

Healing requires us to look at ourselves honestly and openly. It requires active participation and tremendous courage. It requires bravery. You can move through your pain and live an authentic life while inspiring others to do the same. So, whatya say? 



I made this cute little video right here in BBM's infancy stages for her big introduction. Give her a look see!

Have time on your hands? Like a good read? You can click the BLOG button and see the evolution of the Community unfold in my posts. Thank you for joining me on this journey!